Fresh Look

Welcoming a Fresh Look: Introducing AEPI’s New Website

A New Phase, A New Face

As we continue our mission of enhancing human dignity and justice in Africa, we’re excited to announce a fresh milestone: the launch of our revamped website. Our goal remains steadfast, but our strategies are ever-evolving. The new site reflects this dynamism, offering a clearer, more focused lens through which you can engage with AEPI’s work.

Our Mission and Values: At the Core of Who We Are

Our mission at AEPI is unambiguous: to give everyone in Africa a voice that resonates in decisions that affect their lives. We are guided by a system of values and standards committed to human dignity and justice. Our strategic objectives aim to eradicate poverty and advance the Sustainable Development Goals by fortifying the institutions that represent the people. Through initiatives that foster human rights, democracy, and sustainable development, we strive for a just environment where citizens play a fundamental role in shaping their welfare.

What We Do: Strategies for Sustainable Development

Our operations are grounded in a multi-faceted approach, built to address the complex challenges of governance and development. A quick glimpse into our key focus areas:

    • Technical Support, Capacity Building, and Training: We collaborate closely with regional, national, and sub-national parliamentary institutions, as well as elected councils that steer development at various government levels.

    • Promotion of Key Democratic Principles: We advocate for parliamentary competence and transparency, good governance based on the separation of powers, increased participation of women, and engagement of civil society in the political discourse.

    • Peer-to-Peer Exchanges: AEPI’s unique approach lies in its network of specialists in parliamentary capacity building, fostering essential peer-to-peer exchanges among parliamentarians.

Transparency and Accountability: An Open Book

AEPI maintains the highest levels of integrity, transparency, and accountability, with stringent financial checks and a no-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption. Our Advisory Board serves as an invaluable asset, guiding us through strategic direction and ensuring that our actions align with our mission.

Join Us: Let’s Make A Difference Together

As you navigate through our new website, you’ll find comprehensive information on our projects, initiatives, publications, and how you can get involved. Each page is designed to offer you insights into our operations, our vision, and most importantly, the lives that we touch.

We invite you to explore the site, share it with your networks, and consider joining us in our mission. Your involvement could be the catalyst for the change we seek in empowering the African continent.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Here’s to achieving milestones and creating lasting impact, together!

Our Quest

Together, we can build a future that respects human dignity, fosters justice, and creates a vibrant and participative democracy where everyone has a say.

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