AEPI Parliamentary Groups

AEPI Parliamentary Groups

AEPI has friends throughout Europe, some of these (Former) Parliamentarians form AEPI Groups in their parliament which joins and endeavors to promote AEPI’s mission and aims in their parliament.



One of the unique advantages of AEPI is its Membership skills base. Members from the European Parliament and European national parliaments devote their extensive knowledge, experience and wide-ranging expertise to cooperation and peer learning with African colleagues and push for people-oriented policies in Africa.

It is AEPIs firm belief that strong parliaments – in their role as arbiters of peace, stability and prosperity – lie at the heart of long-term development and the realisation of human rights. Accordingly, we strive to strengthen African parliaments and promote human dignity by supporting democracy on the continent. 

Our strategy is to put our efforts towards achieving SDG Goal 16: ‘Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.’

Peer to peer learning helps build the capacity and effectiveness of parliamentarians in Africa, whilst also providing invaluable insights and knowledge building for their counterparts in Europe. Exchanging with and learning from those who have faced similar issues, and who understand the ways of democracy, and the workings of a well-functioning parliament are invaluable.

AEPI is registered in the Netherlands as an Association and has a Management Board consisting of (former) parliamentarians from across Europe and across the political spectrum. Its membership consists also of parliamentarians from donor countries, who also carry the role of overseeing the implementation of their countries’ funding. There is also an Advisory Board consisting of both African and European parliamentarians. 


If you are interested to know more about becoming a member please write to

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