Karibu! AEPI Delegation Visits the East Africa Legislative Assembly

On Monday, 24th June, the African – European Parliamentarians Initiative (AEPI) was warmly welcomed at the Parliament of the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA). This significant meeting marks a new chapter in our collaborative efforts to strengthen parliamentary capacities and promote democratic governance across the region.

A Warm Reception

Speaker Joseph Ntakirutimana, Deputy Clerk John N. Mutega, and Principal Clerk Assistant Charles Ngeleja Kadonya graciously received the AEPI delegation, consisting of Board Member Bodil Valero and Director of Operations Marion Verweij. The atmosphere was one of mutual respect and shared commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of legislative bodies in East Africa.

Engaging Discussions

The discussions during this visit were both insightful and forward-looking. Key topics included:

  • Partnership Dynamics: Evaluating the current state of our partnership and identifying areas for further collaboration.
  • Capacity Needs: A assessment of the capacity-building requirements of EALA to ensure effective legislative processes.
  • East African Parliamentary Institute: Exploring ways to leverage the institute’s resources for enhanced training and development of parliamentary staff and members.
  • Upcoming Meetings with EALA Women’s Caucus: Strategizing for the forthcoming engagements aimed at bolstering the role of women in legislative processes and decision-making.

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