AEPI works in the public interest, and on behalf of those who are both donors and beneficiaries to and from our work, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable and being transparent in all areas of our work. We have a no-tolerance policy to bribery and corruption and have procedures are in place to ensure firm checks and balances on all finances. No one person is authorised to make a serious financial commitment on behalf of AEPI.

We value our donors as our partners in achieving the important mission of AEPI. We are committed to honouring our donors trust by treating their money with all due respect, ensuring that as much money goes to programmes as is possible. We have quality controls and regular reviews, monitoring and evaluation on how our spending measures against results, from which we are in a constant learning process to ensure we do even better in the future.


Should you have any questions, suggestions or complains please write to the Director Operations All such messages will be taken seriously and addressed by the Director Operations or, where necessary, the Management Board.


AEPI is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands with a governance structure consisting of:

A Management Board (MB) runs the organisation’s day to day operations and meets at least once every quarter. They handle both current business and plans for the future. The number of members of the MB shall consist of not less than four and not more than nine members. They elect out of their body a President, Vice-President secretary and treasurer.

The functions of the Management board:

Ensure and promote the aims and objectives of the organisation;

Publish the Annual report;

Operate the funds (donations and grants) and submit an annual financial report and financial forecast to Advisory Board meetings for comments and advice;

Establish country Parliamentary Groups wherever deemed fit or feasible;

Co-opt any person it may consider suitable for an office;

Carry out fund-raising activities and fulfil any formalities related to this function;

Determine the terms and conditions of employment of the staff of the organisation;

Make such rules and bylaws as are necessary for the functioning of the organisation.

An Advisory Board provides valuable advice and guidance to the organisation and ensures that there is African ownership. They hold a watchful eye to the future and provide oversight. New AB members shall be nominated in writing by the President or another member and agreed upon by vote.

The functions of the Advisory Board:

To ensure and promote the aims and objectives of the organisation;

To offers advice and guidance to the organisation, including its African ownership;

To provide oversight and monitor that decisions are made soundly and ethically;

To represent and promote the organisation.

A Directorate that is formed by the President , chaired by the top functionary and reports directly to the MB. The Directorate is responsible for implementing the strategy of the MB.

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