Validation Strategic Plan South Sudan

Juba, March 2022, an important milestone was reached during a two days’ Validation Workshop. During the first day of the workshop AEPI facilitated a process of presenting and validating the TNLA’s Strategic plan with together with the TNLA leadership to those pioneering the transitional period to establish peace.

AEPI’s board member, Bodil Valero made opening remarks, following which 1st Deputy speaker in charge of parliamentary Affairs, Hon. Oyet Nathaniel, who was instrumental in the planning and conceptualization of the workshop spoke. He then invited Speaker, Rt.Hon. Jemma Nunu Nkumba to officially open the event. During the day some edits were made to the document after which unanimously agreement was given by the TNLA leadership to finalise it.

Photo: AEPI Board Member Bodil Valero thanking the TNLA leadership and the Speaker in particular, for entrusting AEPI with such an important task to assist the TNLA in developing its Strategic plan.

Day two of the validation workshop consisted of the Speaker signing off the Strategic Plan into a policy document in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps. After the signing, remarks were offered by various participants. Bodil Valero opened the floor followed by representatives from UNMISS, Sweden, UK and Norway. All diplomats appreciated the important step taken by TNLA to undertake a steady and inclusive approach to develop its own Strategic Plan. They also pledged support from the countries they represent as the implementation phase is begun.

Photo: Joachim Waern, Head of Office, Embassy of Sweden in Juba, South Sudan.

In her closing remarks, the Speaker thanked AEPI for the guidance it provided in advising her office to take a step back and develop a Strategic Plan. She believes it will act as an important compass directing the parliament’s actions and engagements as it discharges its mandate. She also took that opportunity to invite donor countries represented to continue contributing to the development of her country, beginning with assisting in the training needed for the parliament to fulfil its much-needed role.

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