Book: Walking the COVID Tightrope – There is hope in the end

COVID-19 united us across the world in ways we had never seen before. At the same time, it has been very personal to each individual. The pandemic affects us all one way or another, yet we have experienced the stranger in our midst in different ways.

Compiled by Bodil Valero, Secretary to the board of the African-European Parliamentarians Initiative (AEPI), G100 Global Chair Security and Defense Committee, Member of the European Greens and former Member of the Swedish Parliament and the European Parliament, and Marion Verweij, Director of AEPI, author and writer. Hearing many stories of different people’s experiences in different parts of the world, they decided to collate some of the stories into Walking the Covid Tightrope.

Full of fascinating stories from around the world. It is a book bringing together personal stories from people sharing their experience with lockdown. With great honesty they sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It is an insight both into how different people experienced lockdown and the environment they were in at the time.

They are individual stories that are at the same time universal. Individual lives within the statistics—people finding their way to deal with the situation in which they unexpectedly found themselves.  Within the nightmare, there have been many positive things happening. Many contributors wrote about humanity, despite, or perhaps because of the problems being faced. Others spoke of the positions they felt urged to take. Each story offers its own reflection, its own questions to us all.

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